About Sizes

How big will my finished photo be?

Your photo will be printed at the largest size possible that will fit entirely within an 8″ by 10″ rectangle (in either portrait or landscape orientation). Do not worry if your photo’s aspect ratio does not perfectly match an 8″ by 10″ rectangle, we custom carve your photo, including the frame, making unique aspect ratios easy to deal with. (For example, we could print a 4″ x 10″, and the frame would perfectly fit the narrow picture!).

Both of the above photos are 10″ wide. The one on the left ends up slightly shorter because of the wider aspect ratio. The 1/2″ frame fits perfectly in both photos, because it was custom cut to fit the photo. The frame measures 1/2″ wide all the way around, so the finished piece will be just a touch over 1″ larger in each direction than your photo. The finished piece is 3/4″ thick, including the frame. The metal hanger protrudes out about 1/8″ from that.