Selecting A Great Picture

What kinds of photos look great in 3D?

  • The best results come from photos that have some depth to them. While we could custom cut a picture of your cat sitting on your couch, the effect isn’t as impressive as with a photo that has more depth and scale to it.
  • Photos with some elements close, and other elements far away have natural depth that can be enhanced, and look great when cut in 3D.
  • Photos where everything is on the same visual plane do not have enough depth to look very interesting when cut
    People standing in front of monuments or scenery tend to work especially well, because there is depth that can be enhanced
    Look for natural layers in your photos.
  • Things like people, animals, monuments, buildings, landscaping, scenery, mountains, the horizon, clouds, and sky all make great layers



  • Very detailed layers, such as fur on a dog, bed head on a person, or bushy branches on a tree do not work very well. The smallest detail we cut in the wood is 1/8″, which means that very small details need to be cut around, which reduces the impact of the 3D effect.
  • Photos with these fine details tend to look great at arms length or farther, but when scrutinized up close lose some of the impact of the 3D effect.
    How many layers should I choose for my photo?
  • The “right” number of layers is subjective and depends on your photo. You should deliberately select a number of layers that fits the natural layers of depth in your photo. In any case, which items go on which layers is up to you (unless you explicitly leave it up to us), so you can specify anything you want.